About Us
About OSG UK

OSG UK Ltd – previously Norman Taps and Dies – was for many years a family-run business, manufacturing specialist taps and dies, supported by a range of standard products sourced from OSG Japan. In 1999, the company was aquired by the Japanese group OSG, renamed OSG UK Ltd and immediately became part of a global group of companies.

Our core business is in the marketing, sales and distribution of cutting tools to engineering distributors and OEMs across the UK. While the company still undertakes a level of original manufacture, the majority of our high performance products are of Japanese origin and largely sourced through the Group’s European stocking centre, based in Belgium.


Product Overview

All of our standard products include features offered as premium by our competition. Our cutting tools last longer, hold closer tolerances, and stand up to abrasion and galling. OSG also offers an extensive line of High Technology cutting tools designed for use in today's most aggressive conditions. These premium tools feature exclusive metallurgy, cutting geometries and unique surface treatments that increase productivity, reliability, and tool life while reducing machining time, scrap, and down time.

We also offer a complete line of thread-rolling dies- flat, cylindrical, planetary, trim-made of the best available die steel in the world. Special tool steels are also used. More than 700 styles and sizes are available for immediate delivery

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