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History of OSG
Hideo Osawa Osawa Screw Grinding
1938/03 Hideo Osawa established Osawa Screw Grinding Co., Ltd. in Musashino, Tokyo.
1943/05 Completed Aichi Plant in Ichinomiya, Aichi.
1956/08 Began manufacturing thread-rolling cylindrical dies.
1957/05 Began manufacturing screw thread gauges.
1961/04 Completed Toyokawa Plant in Toyokawa, Aichi.
1963/06 Changed name to OSG Manufacturing Company.
/12 Separation of sales and manufacturing operations; the sales division was named OSG Corporation.
1964/12 Listed with Class 2 of Nagoya Stock Exchange Market.
1967/03 Completed Oike Plant in Ichinomiya, Aichi.
1968/02 OSG Tap And Die Inc. established in Chicago, U.S.A.
Tap And Die
1970/04 Established a joint company, Taiho Tool Mfg. Co., Ltd. in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.
/08 Began manufacturing end mills.
/12 Listed with Class 2 of Tokyo Stock Exchange Market.
1971/12 Completed Toyohashi Plant in Toyohashi, Aichi.
1973/08 Acquired Sossner Corp., a tap manufacturer, in U.S.A.
1974/11 OSG Ferramentas de Precisao Ltda. established in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
1980/09 Began manufacturing carbide end mills.
1981/06 Listed with Class 1 of both Tokyo and Nagoya Stock Exchange Market
1982/01 Completed Shinshiro Plant in Shinshiro, Aichi
Shinshiro Plant
1984/03 Began production of EX-Gold Drills.
1985/10 Established OSG Korea Corporation in Taegu, Korea.
1988/01 Established OSG Canada Ltd. In Toronto, Canada.
1990/11 Completed Yana Plant in Shinshiro, Aichi.
/12 Established OSG Asia Pte. Ltd. In Singapore.
1992/04 Became a majority stock holder of NIHON HARD METAL Co., Ltd.
/12 Merged with OSG Corporation.
1993/02 Moved the head Office to Toyokawa, Aichi.
1994/01 Acqured HERMECOR, a tap manufacturing company in Mexico, and renamed it OSG Royco.
1995/10 Shinshiro Plant won TPM grand prix award.
/11 Became majority stock holder of Norman Tap & Die, U.K. and plant to fully acquire company by 1999.
1996/10 Yana and Toyohashi plants won TPM grand prix award.
/11 Established OSG Thailand Co. Ltd. In Bangkok, Thailand.
1997/10 Established DABAO (DONGGUAN) MOLDING & CUTTING TOOL )Co., Ltd. in Guangzhou, China.
/12 Completed CS Center within the head office in Toyokawa.
/12 Acquired A.I.M.O., SA trading company (active in Belguim, France and the Netherlands).
1998/01 Opened Hongu Center, warehouseing facility, in Ichinomiya, Aichi
1999/04 Established OSG Europe S.A. in Belgium to supervise group companies in Europe.
/04 Renamed Norman Tap & Die, U.K. to OSG U.K Limited, and A.I.M.O. to OSG A.I.M.O. S. A. respectively.
/09 Involved in business cooperation with the Nastec Corporation.
/10 Shinshiro Plant successively won TPM grand prix award.
2000/05 Acquired Thrane Tool A/S, a tool wholesale company in Denmark, and renamed to OSG Scandinavia A/S.
/11 Nine major plants simultaneously received ISO 14001 certification.
/12 Acquired Kamiya Seikoh. Inc, reorganized and renamed it Kamiya Seikoh Corporation.
2001/04 Involved in business cooperation with Toyota Caelum, Inc.
/09 Established OSG (Shanghai) Corporation in Shanghai, China.
/10 QCT in Illinois, U.S.A. and CCT in India acquired.
/12 Coating Division became separate as OSG Coating Service Co., Ltd.
2002/07 OSG TI S/L established jointly with Trans Inter, general distributor in Spain.
/09 Georgia Plant closed ( production transferred to OSG/ROYCO, S.A DE C.V. in Mexico and OSG FERRAMENTAS DE PRECISAO LTDA. in Brazil ).
2003/01 OSG GmbH. established in Germany.
/11 Established Cutting Tool Innovations, Ins., U.S.A.
/12 Acquired Vumat Ltd., distributor in Italy, and established OSG Italia.
2004/06 Acquired Sterling Die, Inc., U.S.A
/06 Completed OSG (Shanghai) PRECISION TOOL CO.,LTD in Songjiang Industrial Zone Shanghai, China.
/12 Completed Design Center.

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