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D’Andrea is an Italian company, a world leader in the manufacture of high precision machine tool accessories.


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Corporate Profile

Boring and spindle tooling

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The Monod’ is a New line of Monobloc toolholders by D’Andrea. Available in MAS-BT, DIN & HSK tapers and comprises ER collet , WD Weldon, PF Face Mill and CM Morse taper holders. AD + B coolant outlets as standard

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Monod (3MB)


The Monoforce chuck combines high precision and high clamping power in one. Available in MAS-BT, DIN & HSK tapers. Capable of holding tools from Ø3mm to 32mm.

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The Toprun balanceable range of holders ideal for High Speed applications

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Toprun (1.5MB)

Modulhard’Andrea (MHD)

A modular toolholder system for boring, milling, drilling and tapping. A system which is very flexible and simple to use, suitable for machining centres of all types.

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Modulhard’Andrea (MHD) (1.2MB)


The Grinta range of Indexable products utilising the MHD modular holder.

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MCD a New line of tools and tool holders for lathes, built following the HSK-A63 standards working to the ICTM tolerances for Multi Task machines.

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A range of inserts to suit all the Indexable products from D’Andrea.

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Spares and accessories for the D’Andrea range of “Tooling” products.

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Technical Data

Cutting conditions to suit the D’Andrea range of tooling.

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This line of T-TA boring and facing heads provides radial slide movement while the spindle head rotates. Ideal for boring machines, jig boring machines and radial drills.

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The Autoradial is a facing head only and allows automatic feed and quick return of the slide during spindle rotation

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Autoradial (Autoradial 1 / 0.5MB)

Autoradial (Autoradial 2 / 0.8MB)

Autoradial (Autoradial 3 / 0.8MB)

TA Center

The NEW TA Center provides both the boring and facing and the production of complex profiles during spindle rotation. The unit is controlled by the U axis and linked to the machine control.

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TA Center (File not found

TA Tronic

The NEW TA Tronic boring and facing head is designed for manual load machines and is operated by a wireless control linked to the machines M code.

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TA Tronic (0.9MB)

U Tronic

The U Tronic boring and facing head is designed for large machines and the U axis is mounted within the body of the head and is operated by the machine control. Ideal for carrying out a large number of complex facing, boring and profiling applications.

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U Tronic (U Tronic Alesatura / 0.4MB)

U Tronic (U Tronic Conicità / 0.4MB)

U Tronic (U Tronic Profili / 0.7MB)

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