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TA-CENTER boring and facing heads are made to be used on automatic tool changers, therefore on essentially all machining centres.A U-DRIVE unit commands the feed control of the tool slide and the tool placement even during rotation.




This unit is managed directly by an axle called “U” by the CNC of the machining centre. Organized in this way, the machining centre is the solution to a series of different processes like inner and outer turning operations, grooves, conical and variable boring, concave and convex radius machining, cylindrical and conical threading, complex profiles, etc.



Any application on machines that do not permit the connection to an axis of the CNC, may be made by managing the motor of the U-DRIVE with a practical, simple, and economical U-CONTROL positioner with wireless REMOTE CONTROL. The positioner can be connected to the M function of the machine to receive start signals of the various operations programmed on the REMOTE-CONTROL.

Spherical machining is not possible with machines equipped with the U-CONTROL WIRELESS KIT.