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  1. ADO-SUS Series

    ADO-SUS Series

    Work hardening, welding, elongation of cutting chips and poor thermal conductivity are common problems in the machining of stainless steels and titanium alloys. The ADO-SUS is a carbide drill series that employs a unique coolant hole shape and tool geometry to enable efficient drilling in these difficult-to-machine materials.

  2. ADO-TRS Series

    ADO-TRS Series

    The ADO-TRS’ unique R gash geometry enables high thrust resistance and exceptional chip control, which are common challenges of 3-flute drills. With its low cutting resistance capability comparable to 2-flute drills, it is able to create short and compact chips stably.

  3. AD-ADO Series

    AD-ADO Series

    Superior point strength with low cutting force are achieved to accommodate a wide range of carbide drilling application.EgiAs coating constructed with extreme toughness, high wear and heat resistance characteristics to ensure stable and consistent tool life.

  4. AD-LDS


    Designed for a wide variety of materials. Cutting geometry with superior sharpness and high chipping resistance

  5. TDXL Series

    TDXL Series

    HSS Extra long drills (without coolant holes) utilizes OSG's new WD1 coating to inhibit drill wear. Can achieve non-step drilling up to 20 times diameter.

  6. ADF Series

    ADF Series

    Machining a flat hole traditionally required the use of an end mill and a drill. The ADF enables one-step drilling to simplify machining time and tool management.

  7. SOMTA Tools

    SOMTA Tools

    Somta Tools specialises in the design and manufacture of standard and custom tools for the industrial and “do it yourself” markets.

  8. HY-PRO Drills

    HY-PRO Drills

    The HY-PRO® CARB carbide drill series is an ideal blend of performance and cost-efficiency. 

  9. EX-(SUS) Series

    EX-(SUS) Series

    The EX-SUS drill line is famous worldwide for its incredible performace gummy materials, like stainless steel. Its high helix and refine X-thinning point geometry yield incredible sharpness, which make it the ideal solution for processing soft materials.