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  1. A-Tap Series

    A-Tap Series

    A-Tap Series

  2. S-XPF Series

    S-XPF Series

    X Performer forming tap

  3. S-TAP Series

    S-TAP Series

    Taps for General Purpose and Stainless Steels.

  4. SynchroMaster • SynchroFit

    SynchroMaster • SynchroFit

    Next generation synchronized tap holder designed to turbocharge tapping performance

  5. VP(O)-DC-MT Series

    VP(O)-DC-MT Series

    Our VP(O)-DC-MT taps are the industry leading tap for processing threads in Cast Iron, Ductile Iron and Cast Aluminum. The combination of ultra-strong rake with our VC10 powdered metal substrate makes this tap the absolute best solution for threading ductile castings.

  6. H-TAP Series

    H-TAP Series

    Powder metal cutting tap for steels 25~45 HRC