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  1. ADDITIONS 2023

    ADDITIONS 2023

    HY-PRO Additions 2023

    Milling & Drilling Brochure

    We are excited to announce the release of OSG's newest brochure, HY-PRO Additions 2023. 

  2. VG7



    High Efficiency 7 Flute Endmills for Aerospace Materials.

  3. Skiving


    Skiving Cutters now available

  4. HY-PRO Milling & Drilling

    HY-PRO Milling & Drilling

    Introducing our new HyPro Milling & Drilling catalogue, featuring many new lines all available from UK stock.

  5. AE-VMS Series

    AE-VMS Series

    Anti-vibration carbide end mill series ideal for stainless steel, carbon steel and alloy steel. This series’ unique flute form with high tool rigidity and excellent chip evacuation properties enables stable milling and the suppression of burrs.

  6. ADO-SUS Series

    ADO-SUS Series

    Work hardening, welding, elongation of cutting chips and poor thermal conductivity are common problems in the machining of stainless steels and titanium alloys. The ADO-SUS is a carbide drill series that employs a unique coolant hole shape and tool geometry to enable efficient drilling in these difficult-to-machine materials.

  7. A-Tap Series

    A-Tap Series

    A-Tap Series

  8. WXL & WXS Series

    WXL & WXS Series

    High variety of carbide end mills with WXL & WXS coating

  9. ADO-TRS Series

    ADO-TRS Series

    The ADO-TRS’ unique R gash geometry enables high thrust resistance and exceptional chip control, which are common challenges of 3-flute drills. With its low cutting resistance capability comparable to 2-flute drills, it is able to create short and compact chips stably.

  10. S-XPF Series

    S-XPF Series

    X Performer forming tap

  11. AD-ADO Series

    AD-ADO Series

    Superior point strength with low cutting force are achieved to accommodate a wide range of carbide drilling application.EgiAs coating constructed with extreme toughness, high wear and heat resistance characteristics to ensure stable and consistent tool life.

  12. S-TAP Series

    S-TAP Series

    Taps for General Purpose and Stainless Steels.

  13. AD-LDS


    Designed for a wide variety of materials. Cutting geometry with superior sharpness and high chipping resistance

  14. SynchroMaster • SynchroFit

    SynchroMaster • SynchroFit

    Next generation synchronized tap holder designed to turbocharge tapping performance

  15. VP(O)-DC-MT Series

    VP(O)-DC-MT Series

    Our VP(O)-DC-MT taps are the industry leading tap for processing threads in Cast Iron, Ductile Iron and Cast Aluminum. The combination of ultra-strong rake with our VC10 powdered metal substrate makes this tap the absolute best solution for threading ductile castings.

  16. H-TAP Series

    H-TAP Series

    Powder metal cutting tap for steels 25~45 HRC

  17. Plusline


    Plus-line: OSG design & technique, manufactured in OSG Germany.

  18. TDXL Series

    TDXL Series

    HSS Extra long drills (without coolant holes) utilizes OSG's new WD1 coating to inhibit drill wear. Can achieve non-step drilling up to 20 times diameter.

  19. PSTW Phoenix

    PSTW Phoenix

    PSTW: 6-Corner Shoulder Cutter
    Designed for heavy machining with maximum 12mm depth of cut.
    Engineered to effectively process long overhand length applications with strong chattering resistance.

  20. UVX-TI Series

    UVX-TI Series

    4 and 5 flutes carbide end mills for highly efficient Titanium alloy machining. Suppression of vibration due to unique flute design. Available as cylindrical, Weldon and Haimer SafeLock® shank version as standard.

  21. PXD Series Phoenix

    PXD Series Phoenix

    PXD is an exchangeable head drill series designed for efficient, precise holemaking. It is ideal for 3XD and 5XD holes in carbon and alloy steel, cast iron, and non-ferrous materials.

  22. WH-EM-PNC Series

    WH-EM-PNC Series

    Thread milling without pre-drilled hole.

  23. Thread Mills Series

    Thread Mills Series

    Thread mills are tools designed to cut threads by milling. Thread mills are used on numerically controlled machining centers (NC) that have simultaneous, triaxle control and helical interpolation functions. In comparison to general tapping, thread milling is more stable with less cutting condition limitations in terms of chip management and coolant lubricity. Discover our line-up of thread mills inside the brochure.

  24. PFAL Phoenix

    PFAL Phoenix

    Finishing Cutter for Aluminum

  25. DCT


    OSG's Diameter measuring device / internal thread: DCT. The internal thread effective diameter, which used to be difficult to determine, can now be measured with readable values in one tool!

  26. AERO ENDMILL Series


    Maximize the full potential of high performance equipment!
    Ideal for high efficiency processing of large aluminum aircraft components!

  27. ADF Series

    ADF Series

    Machining a flat hole traditionally required the use of an end mill and a drill. The ADF enables one-step drilling to simplify machining time and tool management.

  28. AT-1


    The secret to 1-pass cutting
    Evolution from conventional 2-pass cutting to 1-pass cutting by preventing bending,
    reducing cutting time.

  29. E-DCT


    Diameter Correction Tool for thread mills. Reduce the set up and machining time.

  30. SOMTA Tools

    SOMTA Tools

    Somta Tools specialises in the design and manufacture of standard and custom tools for the industrial and “do it yourself” markets.

  31. PD Series Phoenix

    PD Series Phoenix

    Features an unique flute design with high precision finish and integrated chip breaker, the PD is an indexable drill series designed for efficient, stable holemaking up to 5xD. It is an ideal solution for a wide variety of materials such as carbon and alloy steel, stainless steel, cast iron, and non-ferrous materials.

  32. PSF • PSFL series

    PSF • PSFL series

    New Phoenix anti-chatter roughing end mill cutter

  33. CRM


    Carbide straight reamers. Solid carbide for thoughness & high wear resistant. For high precision finishing due to diameter tolerance of 0 to 0,005 mm.

  34. WXS-EMS Series

    WXS-EMS Series

    Carbide end mill with WXS coating. For hardened steels and stainless Multiflute, high speed machining.

  35. HY-PRO Drills

    HY-PRO Drills

    The HY-PRO® CARB carbide drill series is an ideal blend of performance and cost-efficiency. 

  36. EX-(SUS) Series

    EX-(SUS) Series

    The EX-SUS drill line is famous worldwide for its incredible performace gummy materials, like stainless steel. Its high helix and refine X-thinning point geometry yield incredible sharpness, which make it the ideal solution for processing soft materials.